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Cooking for a happy gut – An Ayurvedic perspective on good gut health

12/03/2019 18:00
12/03/2019 21:00
263 Bronte Road, Waverley NSW, Australia   View map
9387 4942


Dr Rama Prasad – An ayurvedic perspective on happy, healthy gut.

  1. Intro to good gut bacteria
  2. Good gut bacteria vs bad gut bacteria and their impact on our overall health
  3. Ayurvedic perspective on good gut health and probiotics
  4. Three recipes for better gut health
  5. Lifestyle practices for good gut health

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Join one of Sydney’s leading Ayurvedic doctors , Dr. Rama Prasad as we explore more about gut health from an Ayurvedic perspective.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What we knew about gut health 5000 years ago
  • Good gut bacteria and their impact on our overall health esp our mental health
  • Ayurvedic perspective on probiotics and how a 5000 year old healing system is even more relevant today
  • Cooking for Good gut health
    • Learn to make a crispy, fermented Dosa at home
    • Learn to make a gut healing vegan broth
    • Learn to make a simple, easy lentil soup that is so gentle on the stomach
  • Lifestyle practices to adopt for a calmer, happier gut

About Dr. Rama Prasad:

Dr. Rama Prasad has shared his Ayurvedic experiences internationally for over 25 years. He uses Ayurveda – a logical system with common sense. He has organised and has been part of over 2 dozen international Ayurveda and and Yoga conferences in India and Australia. He has identified around 2000 classical Ayurveda herbs that are native to Australia, including many species which are endangered in India. In his Sydney and Melbourne clinics, he specialises in “stress and its effect on the body” and uses effective mind-body treatment techniques. He is part of a vibrant Ayurveda community with passionate professionals and participants in Australia. When he is back in his South Indian village with his 7 year old daughter, he still performs his traditional temple service – helping his mother making Tulsi garlands for their local temple deities.

Workshops attendees will receive $25 off their consultation when they book a consultation with Dr. Rama Prasad.